Dormant Username Policy

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Apply this workflow when a customer has lodged a dormant a dormant username request.


When applying any of the Macros ensure to replace the placeholder “REQUESTEDUSERNAME” with the username requested. ______

  1. Search for the requested username in admin, once found visit the users admin profile.
  2. Apply the “Account::Dormant Username::Internal Checklist” Macro
  3. Answer all questions in the “Internal Checklist” (Yes/No) ensuring to cross check the information found in the admin section.
  4. If all answers are Yes for the internal checklist follow: Username is available
  5. if the username is not available follow: Username is not available
Username is available
  1. Reply to the requester with the Account::Dormant Username::First Response Macro
  2. Create a new ZenDesk ticket with the username owner's email address (found in admin).
  3. Apply the “Account::Dormant Username::Contact Username Owner” Macro and mark the ticket as Pending.
  4. Make an internal comment providing a link to the ticket “requesting user's ticket”
  5. Wait for a response or the ticket to be automatically reopened in 2 weeks.
Username owner responded

If the username owners makes a response (don’t remove my username) follow these steps:

  1. Apply the “Account::Dormant Username::Cancel Request” Macro to the username owners response.
  2. Apply the “Account::Dormant Username::Failed Username Request” to the username requesters ticket.
Username owner has not responded

If the contacted user makes no response (within a 2 week period) the ticket will be automatically marked as open and an email sent to the assigned agent

If the username owners makes no response follow these steps:

  1. Rename the username:
  2. Navigate to the username in admin -
  3. Select “Edit” on the user's profile
  4. Append “_idle” to the user’s username
  5. Save changes

  6. Apply the “Account::Dormant Username::Successful Username Request” Macro to the username requesters ticket and mark the ticket as Solved.
  7. Mark the username owners ticket as Solved
Username is not available
  1. Apply "Account::Dormant Username::Failed Username Request" Macro and mark ticket as Solved