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Enable Sales Asisted trials to run CI Minutes

Enable CI minutes for sales assisted trials.


The following process will remove the restrictions for using CI minutes for groups that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Groups on a free plan who have purchased CI minutes
  2. Groups who are part of a sales assisted trial


Using Mechanizer

Use the form named enable Ci Minutes. Choose if the group is a consumption group and enter the namespace information.

Using customerDot Console

From the customerDot Console run the following function:

For sales assisted Trials

irb(main) enable_ci_minutes_trial('namespace')

=> "{\"status\":\"success\",\"message\":\"namespace members are now enabled to run CI minutes\"}"

For consumption groups

irb(main) enable_ci_minutes_trial('namespace', true)

=> "{\"status\":\"success\",\"message\":\"namespace members are now enabled to run CI minutes\"}"


  1. This will change the trial to a real subscription within the existing trial time window.
  2. The grace period will apply to this namespace after the trial ends.
  3. Consumption groups will be changed to bronze and reverted automatically.
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