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CI minutes not active

Purchased CI minutes are not associated with customer's group

  1. Check to see if the minutes are associated with the users personal namespace.
  2. Check to see if the user who purchased the minutes has owner permission for the group which the minutes should be associated.
    • If no, reply to user stating that they need to either get their permission updated to owner or we can refund the minutes and an owner can purchase them again.
    • If yes, continue …
  3. Try associating the minutes in the customer’s portal via the Change linked group button.
  4. Reset the pipeline minutes via admin UI. Sometimes this shakes things loose and the association actually works.
    • If this works, stop and notify user.
    • If this is unsuccessful, create a console esclation issue (example). Include Zendesk link, CustomersDot link, Customer ID, Group Name, Group ID, Subscription (number/name). Assign the Customers Console escalation label.
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