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Plan change requests

If you need to request a trial for a namespace with an existing subscription on, view the handling trials workflow page.

Otherwise, you're probably here to immediately expire a namespace's trial or downgrade the namespace to Free.


For these issues:

  1. Try it in CustomersDot admin first.
    • If you receive an error, follow the usual troubleshooting procedures in looking up the error in sentry and/or for an existing CustomersDot issue, adding to an existing issue or creating a new one as required.
  2. Use the Update GitLab Subscription form processor to directly modify the customer's subscription.
  3. If these don't work, as a workaround the plan can be changed manually in one of two ways:
    1. Add ~"Admin Escalation" label and if needed, ping the dotcom group.
    2. Customers Console: Add ~"Console Escalation::Customers" and if needed, ping the customers-console group.

Workflow diagram

graph TD; A[Issue Created]-->B[Assign Yourself]; B-->C[Issue Actionable?]; C-->J[No]; J-->K[Apply Status::Blocked and Inform Submitter]; C-->D[Yes]; D-->E[Adjust Namespace via Customers Portal]; E-->F[Did it Work?]; F-->G[Yes]; G-->H[Note Issue and Close]; F-->I[No]; I-->L[Locate Error in Sentry or comment on existing issue]; click L "/handbook/support/workflows/500_errors.html#searching-sentry" "Diagnose Errors on" L-->M[Adjust Namespace Manually]; M-->N[Apply Status::On Hold, Set Due Date];
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