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Plan change requests

Plan change requests


A plan change is when an existing GitLab SaaS plan will be modified on its plan level or subscription end date.

Which are the plan levels?

  1. Ultmate
  2. Premium
  3. Free


Using Mechanizer

  1. Use the Update GitLab Subscription to modify the customer's plan as neeed.

If you don't enter a date, the existing subscription date will be used.

Using customerDot


From CustomerDot you can only change the plan type not the subscription end date.

  1. From the left side menu click on customers and search for the customer.
  2. In the search results click on the GitLab groups icon for the customer you want to update.
  3. You'll see a list of groups owned by the customer and you can perform your change here.

    If you receive an error, follow the usual troubleshooting procedures in looking up the error in sentry and/or for an existing CustomersDot issue, adding to an existing issue or creating a new one as required.

What if I got an error?

If these don't work, as a workaround the plan can be changed manually in one of two ways:

  1. Add ~"Admin Escalation" label and if needed, ping the dotcom group.
  2. Customers Console: Add ~"Console Escalation::Customers" and if needed, ping the customers-console group.
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