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L&R and people working in the queue have been tasked with assisting customers who don't have access to the customers portal in their provisioning steps for setting up a new subscription. You can read more about the change in this issue.

Note that the requests will come in as a response to this provisioning email. Reseller customer and sales-assisted customers will receive this email.

You can verify reseller customers by looking at the edit page for their customers portal account - you will see Login activated field is unchecked.

Take the following steps for this provisioning request:

  1. Login into the customers portal with admin permissions
  2. Log into with admin login
  3. Impersonate user on
  4. Impersonate user on customers portal
  5. In Customer portal, go to My account drop-down -> select Account details -> go to Your account section -> select Link my account button
  6. You should now have linked the user's account because you impersonated them on
  7. Go to Manage purchases page
  8. Select Change linked namespace button
  9. Select the namespace the subscription should be applied to from the drop-down (the customer should give you this info) If the namespace isn't on the list, it means the user doesn't have owner level permissions on the group they are trying to link. Ask the customer to get themselves added to the group as an owner.
  10. Proceed to checkout
  11. You should see the namespace linked to the subscription card
  12. Send the customer a confirmation email, you can use the following snippet:

I have successfully provisioned your subscription and it has been associated with your account and namespace. Please navigate to your group's billing page for confirmation:

Use the Associate namespace transactions issue type in ZD and set the ticket to Pending.

Troubleshooting 502 errors while provisioning the subscrpition

While handling the subscription provisioning requests, we might encounter a 502 error while impersonating the user on the customer portal, this occurs when an admin accidentally links their admin account with the customer portal account, due to which the customer portal tries to fetch all the groups that are accessible to the admin user on and eventually returns a 502 error.

To fix this, we should completely unlink the account with the customer portal account using the unlink_customer console function

Force Associate SaaS Subscription

While handing the subscription provisioning requests, we'll face some cases where it's not possible to associate the subscription by following the normal procedure(the workflow mentioned above) using the customer portal admin

Proceed as follows:

Use the force Associate subscription form - Open this page and enter the Namespace and Subscription ID details and submit the form. This will create an internal issue and updates the issue description with the response of the force association script

Clear Subscription

While associating the subscription with a namespace if there are any errors(example: errors like: unable to associate the subscription as the destination namespace is already associated with a subscription), we can unlink the subscription associated with that namespace.

Clear subscription form is used to clear the subscription associated with that namespace. Please follow the below steps:

Navigate to the Clear subscription form page -> enter the Subscription Name and submit the form. This will create an internal issue and updates the issue description with the response of the force association script

FYI: If interested, you can find more information about the L&R's Mechanizer tools here:

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