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Handling trials for

Bronze and Silver trial subscriptions only offers the self-service ability to trial the Gold subscription. With manager approval, support can assist with trials of other plans. Ask the user to create the Gold trial, then change the plan via the CustomersDot admin GitLab Groups page.

Extending trials

Sales will often request that we extend the duration of trials on behalf of their prospects. These issues will always have the Trial Extension label applied to them and the following workflow should be followed to service them.

If any fields in the issue description were filled out incorrectly by the submitter apply the Status::Blocked label and mention them in the issue asking them to supply any missing information.

NOTE: Due to customers #973 and customers #1643, these issues are currently marked for those engineers who have access to resolve them through CustomersDot console. Once those issues are resolved, these requests should be done via CustomersDot admin.


  1. Assign yourself to the issue.
  2. Check over the request and ensure that we've been provided enough information to action the request. To do this check that:
    1. The Link to Namespace: field contains a valid link to the namespace that holds the active trial. This should not be a Salesforce link or email address.
    2. The Extend Until: field contains a future date.
  3. Using the address provided in the Contact Email: follow the customers admin docs to find the customer and action on the request.
  4. If there is an error while taking action, locate the error in sentry (see Searching Sentry if needed) and file an issue, or comment on an existing one.
  5. If namespace needs to be adjusted manually, then add the ~Admin Escalation label, and if you do not have admin access, ping gitlab-com/support/dotcom.

Workflow diagram

graph TD; A[Issue Created]-->B[Assign Yourself]; B-->C[Issue Actionable?]; C-->J[No]; J-->K[Apply Status::Blocked and Inform Submitter]; C-->D[Yes]; D-->E[Adjust Namespace via Customers Portal]; E-->F[Did it Work?]; F-->G[Yes]; G-->H[Note Issue and Close]; F-->I[No]; I-->L[Locate Error in Sentry or comment on existing issue]; click L "/handbook/support/workflows/500_errors.html#searching-sentry" "Diagnose Errors on" L-->M[Adjust Namespace Manually]; M-->N[Apply Status::On Hold, Set Due Date];
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