Support Engineer Hiring

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Hiring new Support Engineers is a multi-department process. It will involve Recruiting, Support, Engineering, and optionally the CEO. Below is an outline of what responsibilities we, as the Support department, have.

Hiring Flow

Hiring is described on the jobs page for Support Engineers. Below is a breakdown of what to do in the sections we are responsible for.

Qualified candidates receive a short questionnaire from our Global Recruiters

Support Engineer - A Recruiter will ping you to review the candidate's questionnaire, please review the questions within 24 hours. If the person looks good, leave a comment pinging the recruiter that sent the application to you and choose the screening call with recruiter template.

Candidates will be invited to schedule a first interview with a Support Engineer

Support Engineer - The technical interview process is documented in the GL-Support Group. Follow the instructions there to proctor this interview. Take any notes in Greenhouse and make a note if you are inclined or not inclined to hire. Your role in the interview process for this candidate is complete!

Candidates will then be invited to schedule a Managerial interview with the Support Engineering Manager

After this interview, the candidate will proceed to the Director of Support. The Support team's role is done!