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Removal of 2FA

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) can only be removed from a account if one of the following combinations are met:

Combination 1 (self-service):

Users can generate new recovery codes using SSH, if they've previously added SSH public keys to their profile. The new recovery codes can then be used at sign in. This option is presented to users in the Zendesk macro. If they cannot use this method then move on to the manual methods below.

ssh 2fa_recovery_codes

Combination 2 (ID verification):

Photo ID and picture of user with ID


Dormant Usernames

Note: As of November 15, 2017, due to a high number of these requests GitLab is no longer processing dormant username requests.

When we have a larger support team in place to process these requests in the future we will offer this again. Support often gets requests from users to release a username. This can be implemented if the following criteria are met:

  1. The account in question has no data.
  2. There hasn't been any activity on the account (i.e. code, issues, merge requests) for six months. This considers activity on projects the account owns as well as activity on projects the account participants in.
  3. Support has had two failed attempts to contact the user within a two week period.
  4. The user cannot be an owner of any active project.

Usernames will be appended with _idle to keep the account active but release the namespace.

Support agents will not release a current user's contact information to another user. GitLab also will not contact a user on behalf of another user to request surrender of an apparently active username.

Code of Conduct

Just as Support Engineers are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct, we also expect customers to treat Support Engineers with the same level of respect.

If you receive threatening or hostile emails from a user, please create a confidential issue in the GitLab Support Issue Tracker and include:

  1. A history of the user's communication
  2. Relevant links
  3. Summary of the high-level issues

Include the Support Lead, VP of Engineering, and Chief Culture Officer in this issue. Together we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether to take action (e.g. ban the user from the forums for violating the Code of Conduct).