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Use of Admin Notes


The admin note serves as a quick reference for any account changes or action performed on a account. It also helps to determine if the user was previously flagged for any violations to prevent any further abuse.

If you encounter a situation with the following cases, an admin note is required.

Adding the Note

To add the admin note, simply go to the user profile in the admin page of in the section of Admin Notes:

In general, the formatting should be standard in a one liner format:

Slack conversations or Issue links may be used for the link if no ticket is lodged for the type of request.

Sample Notes

Disabling 2FA: 2018-11-05 | 2FA removed | user requested |

Email Address Change/Removal: 2018-11-22 | Primary Email Change - No Access | User Requested |

DMCA Request: 2018-11-05 | DMCA Violation | Abuse |

Abuse Case: 2018-11-05 | Flagged for terms violation | Abuse Case |

User Blocked: 2019-07-07 | User blocked by infra | see