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Creating a DSE trigger (for Resellers)

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Workflow - Adding DSE triggers to ZenDesk


Use this workflow when adding a DSE trigger to ZenDesk as part of the Dedicated Support Engineering policy - /handbook/support/#dedicated-support-engineers


  1. Ensure the reseller organization exists in ZenDesk
    • Search for the organization email domain in
    • If the organization does not exist, create a new organization
  2. Navigate to the trigger page in ZenDesk (administrator account required)
  3. Click “add trigger”

  4. Trigger title: DSE: Assign {RESELLER} to {AGENT}

Configure the trigger with the following conditions:

Meet all of the following conditions:
Ticket: Organization is {COMPANY}

Perform these actions:
Ticket: Assignee {AGENT}
Ticket: Priority High

Replace {RESELLER} with the organization name (see first step). Replace {AGENT} with the Support Engineers first name.