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Dormant Namespace Policy


As per the statement of support, dormant namespaces can be released when they meet the appropriate criteria.

NOTE: When applying any of the macros ensure to replace the placeholder “REQUESTEDNAME” with the namespace requested.


  1. Search for the requested namespace in admin: users or groups, once found visit the GitLab admin page for the namespace.
  2. Apply the Account::Dormant Namespace::Internal Checklist macro in Zendesk.
  3. Answer all questions in the Internal Checklist (Yes/No) ensuring to cross-check the information found in the admin section.
  4. If the namespace is eligible for immediate release, follow Request successful.
  5. If the namespace is eligible for release, follow Namespace is available.
  6. If the namespace is not eligible for release, follow: Namespace is not available.

Namespace is available

Contact Owner:

  1. Create a new Zendesk ticket with the namespace owner's email address (found in admin).
  2. Apply the Account::Dormant Namespace::Contact Namespace Owner macro and mark the ticket as On-hold.
  3. Make an internal comment providing a link to the namespace requesters ticket.

Requester's Ticket:

  1. Copy the ticket's link and add it to the Internal Checklist.
  2. Reply to the requester with the Account::Dormant Namespace::First Response macro and mark ticket as On-hold.

Namespace owner responded

If the namespace owner makes a response (don’t remove my namespace) follow these steps:

  1. Apply the “Account::Dormant Namespace::Cancel Request” Macro to the namespace owners response.
  2. Apply the “Account::Dormant Namespace::Failed Namespace Request” to the namespace requesters ticket.

Namespace owner has not responded

If after one week and there has been no response, apply the Account::Dormant Namespace::Contact Namespace Owner macro a second time and mark the ticket as On-hold.

After two weeks, the ticket will be automatically marked as open and an email sent to the assigned agent.

If the namespace owner makes no response, follow the Request successful steps.

Request successful

If the request is successful, follow these steps:

In admin, rename the owner's namespace:

  1. Navigate to the namespace in admin - users or groups
  2. Select “Edit” on the profile.
  3. Append “_idle” to the namespace.
  4. Save changes.

In Zendesk:

  1. Apply the “Account::Dormant Namespace::Successful Namespace Request” macro to the Namespace requesters ticket and mark the ticket as Solved.

Namespace is not available

  1. Apply "Account::Dormant Namespace::Failed Namespace Request" macro and mark ticket as Solved.


  1. Does a login in response to dormant request mean that the account is active? No, the user has to explicitly reply to the dormant request saying "I want to keep my namespace". If the user hasn't responded and has just logged in, send a final message saying something like, "I see you logged in at X, but you need to let us know here if you want to keep your namespace".
  2. What constitutes data in the account? A group, a project, etc. means data. Unless the project or group is empty, or there's been no activity for 2 or more years.
  3. Namespace squatting is not permitted as explicitly stated in our terms.
  4. Using another's trademark in a way that has nothing to do with the product or service for which the trademark was granted is not a violation of trademark policy. User and group names are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved. Claiming trademark infringement is a legal process, and we will not release a namespace for trademark violation without a court order.