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Google Cloud Credit Troubleshooting


Use this workflow when user reports an inability to utilize their Google Cloud Credit (GCP Credit).

  1. Ask user if they've used the following URL when they applied for the credit:
    1. If no, ask them to try the link and report any issues.
    2. If yes, follow the below directions.
  2. Ask user for the following information related to their GCP account
    1. Google Billing ID
    2. Complete name
    3. Email address
  3. Submit this form on behalf of the user FIRST PAGE:
    1. Email Address: your (support agent/engineer) email address
    2. What is your role? Partner SECOND PAGE:
    3. Your Name: user's name
    4. Email Address: user's email
    5. Company Name: GitLab
    6. Partner Yype: Alliance / Technology / Vertical (excl. Healthcare) Partner
    7. Billing Account ID: user's Google billing ID
    8. Your Google Sales Rep's email:
    9. Select SUBMIT
  4. Attach a copy of the form to the Zendesk ticket for reference
  5. Reply to user letting them know that you have submitted the form.

Sample reply

I've completed the credit form with Google, I suspect it will take them a few days to process the request. Please let us know if you receive any notification or credit within your Google account. Of course, if Google confirms with us first we will let you know.

  1. Once confirmation is received, update user and close ticket.

Additional Reference

  1. Reference tickets: ZD#133164 & ZD#117290
  2. If no reply is received from Google and the user does not have any credit, contact product marketing in Slack for escalation assistance