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How to Respond to Feedback (for Managers)

How to respond to a ticket feedback

As a part of the course of iterating towards better support, managers will rotate through the duty of reviewing feedback provided by customers.


Each week in the Support Week in Review the SSAT Reviewing Manager will be noted, with the rotation listed in PagerDuty. During the week the reviewing manager is doing their rotation they will review all feedback in the Feedback Tracker(internal only).

"Good" Reviews

For reviews with a "good" rating - go through each and read through the comments. If a specific person is called out, note the comment and ticket number in the Support Week in Review in the Kudos section.

If there are general sentiments or themes, feel free to congratulate the whole team.

"Bad" Reviews

For reviews with a "bad" rating - go through the comment history on the ticket in question and leave a comment that details:

* **Summary of ticket/feedback:** 
* **Action to be taken:** 
* **Contact customer to discuss feedback? (Y/N)** 

After filling that out, apply one of the feedback project labels that best describe the situation at hand (descriptions of these can be found here)

If no action needs to be taken and the customer does not need to be contacted to discuss the ticket, you may /close it.

If there is action to be taken

Determine the course of action and tag in appropriate people.

Examples of possible actions:

If further discussion is warranted, please leave the issue open and assign it to yourself. Otherwise, you may /close it.

If the customer is to be contacted

If you feel like the customer should be contacted, you can send them an email from your email address.

Make sure you:

Please put the text of your email in a comment in the issue. Once you've done so, you may /close the issue. If there's any additional actions that arise from your interaction with the customer, please do go back and note them in the issue.

What does success look like?

At the end of your rotation there should be no open issues that don't have you as an assignee.

How fast do I need to respond?

At writing (Sep 2019) we don't have a response SLA - but if this process is followed, no issue should go more than 7 days without a response.