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Jira Server

Jira is a project management product from Atlassian which integrates with GitLab. To test and debug we've configured a server at

We also have a project on configured and ready for any testing purposes at

Server Access:

All credentials are stored on the Support vault from 1Password, except for the DigitalOcean account.

Hosted Server

This server is hosted on DigitalOcean, to gain access to this account please request credentials on #infrastructure.

The droplet's name is jira-centos-testing.


The vault holds a private SSH key. Make sure you store it safely and change permission to the file with chmod 400 <key-name>.


Two available usernames and their respective passwords are available through the vault entry. Please use the stored URL to access the application.


This is a commercial product for which we hold a 10 user license. Most information is available through the vault entry, if there is something missing please request by opening an issue and mentioning @balameb.

The license expires 21 jun 2017 and only covers Jira Core.


The Jira mail service has been configured through a Google account. Credentials are available.


The main account uses Gravatar to look pretty. Credentials are available.

Server Specs