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Subscription and billing issues


Refer to this page when a user has questions/issues related to transactions, licensing or billing for self-managed or Note the information on this page applies to both Self-Managed and users/products unless specifically indicated as an exception.

The list of common requests/issues below is reference for internal support agents. Unless specifically noted, utilize the following issue tracker decision table for submitting issues.

Issue Tracker Use Case
GitLab Issue Tracker Issue related to self-managed or functionality or backend processing
Support Engineer Escalations Customers portal issue which may be billing or bad data related
Customers Portal Issue is caused specifically by something within the Customers Portal


Transactions at GitLab are defined as anything related to purchasing; issues or questions. For example. credit card problems, bugs, trying to make a purchase and running into confusion/problems etc.

  1. User reports an inability to upgrade from one paid plan to another.

    • users can upgrade their paid plan to a higher tier in the [customers portal] by selecting the Upgrade button beneath the subscription widget.
    • Self-managed GitLab users need to be put in contact with a sales rep in order to upgrade their plan to a higher tier. Utilize the Upgrade Plan Request macro in Zendesk. This will request necessary information from the user and reassign the ticket to the License, Renewals and Upgrades queue.
  2. A user is on a trial and wants to purchase a paid plan. While a user subscribes to a trial, they are not currently able to purchase a subscription in the customers portal, although an enhancement for this is coming. If a user wants to purchase a paid plan while subscribed to a trial, the user should submit a ticket to support and a member of the support team will update the expiration date of the trial to the end of the day UTC. Once expired, the user will be able to purchase the subscription from the customers portal. As a more immediate solution if necessary, the support team can submit a Support Engineer issue to request the immediate expiration of the trial through the console.

  3. User wants to trial a plan other than Gold on only offers the self-service ability to trial the Gold subscription. With manager approval, support can assist with trials of other plans. Ask the user to create the Gold trial, then submit a Plan Change request issue. support with manually change the plan from Gold to the desired plan and revert it back to the original plan at the expiration of the trial.

  4. User receives an error during the purchasing process within the customers portal. When purchasing a subscription via the customers portal if a user receives an error about an address or credit card, check the address listed in the My Account section of the customers portal. This is typically due to a bad address (city/state/zip code). If the address is correct and the error persists, change the Zendesk for to "". The support team will submit an issue and utilize the SE Escalation template. A support engineer will rule out if this is a billing or bad data issue and advise if a customers portal issue is needed.

  5. User wants to downgrade subscription. There is currently no ability to downgrade a subscription from a self-service perspective. If a user wants to downgrade and they are within 45 days of the purchase, send the request to the AR team by selecting the form Accounts Receivable in Zendesk and advise the user to purchase the desired plan once cancelled/refunded. If the user is outside of the 45 day period, advise them that we can cancel the purchase but the subscription will not be refunded. In this case you can also consider passing the issue to the assigned Account Manager in sales if the deal is midmarket or higher.

  6. User wants the red renewal approaching banner message in their Self-Managed system removed. This message will be displayed to all users in the 30 days leading up to the renewal date. The message will only be removed when a new license key is uploaded.

  7. User doesn't know the steps to purchase a subscription.

    • Create an account in
    • Create a group if desired in and add group members
    • Create an account in the customers portal
    • Associate account with customers portal account. First log into, then in another tab in the same browser open the customers portal and navigate to My Account and select Change Linked Account
    • Purchase desired subscription from, selecting the desired group during the purchase process.
  8. User doesn't see their group during purchase process. If the customer can't see their Group when purchasing a subscription, one of the below options are likely happening:
    • They need to create a Group on first
    • They need to associate their account with their customers portal account
  9. User purchased CI minutes but they aren't associated with their group.

    1. Check to see if the minutes are associated with the users personal namespace.
    2. Check to see if the user who purchased the minutes has owner permission for the group which the minutes should be associated.
      • If no, reply to user stating that they need to either get their permission updated to owner or we can refund the minutes and an owner can purchase them again.
      • If yes, continue …
    3. Try associating the minutes in the customer’s portal via the Change linked group button.
    4. Reset the pipeline minutes via admin UI. Sometimes this shakes things loose and the association actually works.
      • If this works, stop and notify user.
      • If this is unsuccessful, create an SE issue (example). Include Zendesk link, customers portal link, Customer ID, Group Name, Group ID, Subscription (number/name). Assign the SE escalation label.
  10. User wants to pay monthly. - This is not an available option.

  11. User wants to know how pricing work with members in their group on - Read faq here

  12. User wants a discount - pass to sales

  13. User wants to know if they should add more users midterm or during the renewal process. - Using the "Add more seats" button (for self-managed) in the customers portal at any time during their subscription will charge a pro-rated amount for the additional users. If you wait to purchase the additional users at the renewal via the true-up users process, the users will be charged for 12 months of use.


Licensing requests refers to problems or questions related to license keys for the Self-Managed product.

  1. Instructions for activating the license key. For Self-Managed subscriptions, a license key must be uploaded in order to unlock the applicable paid features. Follow the instructions for uploading the license key

  2. User wants to know when they will receive the license key. The license key will be emailed to the email address associated with the purchase once subscription payment is approved internally by the billing team. If there is an unusually long delay, assign the ticket to the "License, Renewals and Upgrades queue and ping in the #support_fulfillment Slack channel if escalation is necessary.

  3. User doesn't renew paid Self-Managed plan, what happens to the license and features? The license key will expire 14 days after the expiration date. The system will revert to read-only mode if a new key is not uploaded. If the user doesn't purchase another plan and subsequently upload a new license, instruct them to remove the old license so the system will revert to the Core (CE) functionality. Note, it is no longer necessary to downgrade to CE package.

  4. A customer reports problems when registering their license key All license issues should be redirected to the "License, Renewals and Upgrades" queue. The following troubleshooting guide is provided here as reference.

A license key will error if any of the following 3 values are incorrect:

Key Field Definition & source of truth
Users count We identify the minimum amount via the active.users command: sudo gitlab-rails runner 'p'
Previous users count We can try to assume based on licenses in our License App but this cannot be certain since multiple licenses may be generated for one period. Instead, the best identifier is the system itself. For this we request a screenshot of the user statistics panel from Admin Area -> Overview -> Dashboard. The Previous users count = Users in License in the widget on the top left.
True-up count The best identifier for this value is to take Max Users - Previous users count. I recommend using the historical.max command: sudo gitlab-rails runner 'p ::HistoricalData.max_historical_user_count' for the Max count.

Consider the following examples:


  • Subscription for 10 users
  • During the subscription term incurs a max of 15 users
  • Before renewal, blocks 3 users
  • At renewal, the license would need to be: >1. Users count: 12 >2. Previous users count: 10 >3. Trueup count: 5


  • Subscription for 20 users starts in December with only 12 active users in the system
  • In March, 5 users are blocked leaving 7 active users (12 max users)
  • In April, 5 new users are added making the active user count 12 (17 max users)
  • In July, 5 more new users are added making the active user count 17 (22 max - at this point they’ve incurred an overage of 2 users which will have to be paid at
  • At renewal, the license would need to be: >1. Users count: 17 >2. Previous users count: 20 >3. Trueup count: 2


Billing refers to inquiries which can be handled by our Accounts Receivable team. Examples of common billing requests are list below. These request should be sent to Accounts Receivable using the General>Accounts Receivable macro.

  1. Copy of invoice - check first if the invoice is available in the customers portal, if yes, walk the customer through locating the invoices under Payment History for future self-service ability.
  2. Changes to invoice (address, company name, VAT #, etc) - before sending this to AR, make sure the customer has provided all of the needed information.
  3. Refund requests - only if the purchase was made within the last 45 days. If outside this period loop in account manager.
  4. Requests to make a payment/payment failed - pass the request to AR by selecting Accounts Receivable in the form field in the Zendesk ticket.

The following information is helpful to provide to the AR team when transfering tickets, but not required.

  1. Subscription #
  2. Subscription information - copy & paste from Manage Purchases in customers portal
  3. Zuora ID - available in the customers portal under the Edit tab
  4. Salesforce Account ID - available in the customers portal under the Edit tab

Troubleshooting sales-assisted transactions for

If the user sees a subscription in the customers portal but doesn't see the paid plan active in their account, have the user associate the group with the subscription.

Associating a group with a subscription in the customers portal:

  1. Log into:
  2. Navigate to Manage Purchases
  3. Select Change linked group
  4. Select the desired group from the This subscription is for dropdown
  5. Select Proceed to checkout

If the user doesn't see a subscription in their customers portal:

  1. Log into Salesforce using the generic email. Password is stored in 1Password.
  2. Using the global navigation search on the top right, enter the email address associated with the purchase
  3. Select the appropriate account (note that Type = Customer)
  4. Copy the SFDC Account ID from the page's URL to a clipboard note: this is the number appended to end of the URL after
  5. From the Quotes related list, select the Quote record with the proper susbcription term and with Status = Sent to Z-Billing
  6. Copy the Zuora Account ID to a clipboard
  7. Log into the customers portal using the generic email. Password is stored in 1Password.
  8. Locate the proper account in the customers portal and navigate to the Edit page
  9. Enter the Zuora ID and Salesforce Account ID in the fields and select Save
  10. Walk the user through the steps for Associating a group with a subscription noted above

Associating customer portal subscriptions with additional accounts

Sometimes customers ask that a colleague be given the ability to manage a subscription. This can be accomplished provided they also have a customer portal account.

  1. Locate the proper accounts in the customers portal and navigate to the Edit page
  2. Copy the Zuora ID and Salesforce Account ID from the existing account to the new account and select Save

Additional Reference

  1. Licensing and Subscription Faq (user facing)
  2. Subscription Setup and Management (user facing)
  3. Subscription Management (internal audience)
  4. Sales Enablement Reference: Subscriptions (internal audience)