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Looking up customer account details

Looking up customer account details

While working on tickets, you may need to look up customer information. Common use cases include associating tickets with the appropriate organization, checking a customer's subscription plan and looking up the customer's technical account manager.

In general, you should look for customer details in this order:

  1. Within Zendesk
  2. Within Salesforce
  3. Within

For an overview and runthrough of all three platforms, watch Amanda Rueda's How to use Salesforce from a support perspective video.

Within Zendesk

The following information is generally available through the Salesforce app in Zendesk:

To access the Salesforce app:

  1. Click on "Apps" in the top right of the Zendesk UI.

    Zendesk Apps button

  2. Look for the Salesforce app

Within Salesforce

If you can't find the information you want through the Zendesk app, or if you are trying to find the ticket requester's organization, you'll have to look it up directly in Salesforce.

To access Salesforce, use the Salesforce tech support account credentials in the 1Password Support vault. Notes:

Finding the customer's organization

  1. Search for the customer's domain (e.g. or full email address (e.g. in the search bar at the top of the Salesforce UI.

    Search bar, in repose

  2. Look for results in the Accounts section. You should also be able to see if they have a support level if they have one.

    Account Name and Support Level in Salesforce search results

  3. Click the Account Name to view the customer's organization page.

Finding the customer's GitLab subscription information

In the customer's organization page, look for the GitLab Subscription Information section. The most relevant pieces of information to support in this section are:

You can also confirm if the organization is a paying customer by look for the Type field under the Account Detail section. It should say Customer.

Finding the customer's account owner

In the customer's organization page, look for the the Account Detail section. There should be an Account Owner field. This is the person responsible for the customer account.

Alternatively, look for the list of links just above the Account Detail section. Note: You may have to wait awhile as the list only loads after the rest of the page is loaded.

List of links above account details

Hover over the "Account Team" link to see a list of people who have handled the customer account.

List of account team members

Finding the customer's renewal opportunity owner

In the customer's organization page, look for the Opportunities table. Look for a row with a Close Date in the future and a stage that is not Closed Won or 10-Duplicate. This should generally be the first row.

List of account opportunities

The person responsible for the customer's license renewal is listed under Owner Full Name.


  1. Log in to admin area with the credentials in the 1Password Support vault.

  2. In the Customers section, search for a domain or full email address.

    Search box in customers section

  3. In the search results, click on the i icon to view the customer's details.

    Search results in customers section

  4. You can impersonate an account to find out if they have a current subscription through the customer's detail page or by clicking on the home icon in the search results.