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Looking up customer technical details

While troubleshooting customer issues in tickets, you may find yourself needing additional context – a gitlab.rb file, an architectural diagram, or anything which will help you move forward with your investigation.

There are a few places where you can find this information.

Within Zendesk

Browse previous tickets

You can browse other tickets submitted by people from the customer's organization for relevant context! Often forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Just click on the organization name at the top of the ticket to view all other tickets associated with that organization.

Alternatively, you can do a search for organization:<$ORG_NAME> search query, which may get you the information you want. Try "gitlab.rb" or gitlabsos for your search!

In both cases, you can click on Requested or Updated to sort by most recent so that you'll be sure to have fresher information.

Architecture diagram and customer success project

The Architecture Diagrams app automatically checks for the presence of the relevant diagram if the customer has a Customer Success project URL entered in Salesforce.

To access the app:

  1. Click on "Apps" in the top right of the Zendesk UI

    Zendesk Apps button

  2. Look for the Architecture Diagrams app and expand it if closed

    Zendesk Apps button


One other place to check for customer technical details is the Account Management group on Just search by customer name and in the parent group and you should find the customer project. Most, but not all, premium and ultimate customers should have one present.