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We use Zendesk Macros as a tool to help support common workflows and allow us to support our customers faster. It's important to find a balance of when and where to use a macro as too many macro responses and the support process becomes robotic and canned. Nobody likes cans.

Who can create a Macro?

Macros can be created by engineers and managers in Zendesk. They should be used for matters that require a rigid process (2FA re-auth/DMCA) or when we need to provide a template response (Holiday Coverage). If you need to create a macro that adds tags to tickets, make sure to get approval the Support Operations team beforehand.

How do I create a Macro?

Macros are version controlled and implemented via CI/CD using the zendesk-macros project. To create a macro, you would create a new JSON file in the macros folder. When you make the commit, it will have you create a branch to apply it. From there, you will use a Merge Request and get approval. Once merged, CI/CD will handle any updates/creations needed on the Zendesk side.

If you are unsure of the syntax or wording to use for the JSON file, feel free to create an issue in the project. Assign it to a member of Support Operations to get assistance in generating the file.

Where Macros Live

Macros are namespaced with a :: which nests them in the bottom of Zendesk Dropdown. The current top level headings are below:

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