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Service Desk Troubleshooting


Users can experience various issues while utilizing Service Desk. This guide walks through troubleshooting when an email does not generate a Service Desk issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. When an issue related to Service Desk is received, reply with the Desk Issues First Response Zendesk macro to rule out any known issues.
  2. If known issues cited in the macro are not the cause, request the following from the user:
    1. The source email (including headers) for an example email sent to the Service Desk which did not create an issue
    2. A link to the project which the email was attempting to send to
    3. Did the sender received a reply (failure)? If yes,
      1. Request a screenshot of the failure message.
      2. Search Kibana by sender's IP address (if known)
      3. Search the mail logs in Mailgun for suppressions
      4. Create an issue in EE issue tracker providing all information found
    4. Did the sender received a reply (failure)? If no,
      1. Send a Slack message to #production, asking for a check of the spam folder in the incoming gmailbox for the Service Desk target email

Email to Service Desk Email Flow

Service Desk Troubleshooting Flowchart

Mermaid source:

    graph TB

      subgraph "User Email to Service Desk Issue"
      SubGraph1Flow(Email to Service Desk)
      SubGraph3Flow(Mailgun/Support Bot Sends Confirmation to Sender)
      Node1[User Email/CRM] --> Node2[Optional: User Alias]
      Node2[Optional: User Alias] --> SubGraph1Flow
      DoChoice1(Mailgun sends failure notice to sender)
      SubGraph1Flow -- Failure --> DoChoice1
      SubGraph1Flow -- Success  --> SubGraph2Flow
      DoChoice3(Send to gmail spam folder and Service Desk email is not processed)
      DoChoice4(Send to gmail Inbox and Service Desk email is processed)
      SubGraph2Flow -- Yes --> DoChoice3
      SubGraph2Flow -- No  --> DoChoice4 --> SubGraph3Flow