Confirmation Emails

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This workflow covers cases when a user says they are not receiving their confirmation email.

Check GitLab Admin

  1. In GitLab Admin, search for the user by username or email address to confirm the account has been created. Alternatively, search using the API in browser if needed.
    • No account? Use the ZD macro under Account -> Does not exist or if you believe it's applicable, Verify self-managed or .com.
  2. Check the email address against what the user has reported.

Fix Email Address

If the user made a typo:

  1. Make sure the account in question is a new account.
  2. When viewing the user in the admin area, click Edit.
  3. Fix the email address to the correct one and save your changes.

Check Mailgun

On the first attempt, if our email system could not get through (usually server says it's non-existent or similar), then our mail server will put a supression on sending further emails.

  1. Sign into Mailgun using the supporteam login in the Support team 1Password vault.
  2. Go to
  3. Search the logs using the search on the right for the particular email address and see if email is being bounced or delayed.

Removing a Bounced Email Address Block in Mailgun

  1. In the list of views at the top, select Suppressions.
  2. Ensure the left side drop down has selected.
  3. Search for the email address on the right side.
  4. Select the relevant entry and delete it.

Resend Confirmation Email

Once the problem has been fixed, you can resend the confirmation email.

Let the user know you've sent a new confirmation email, and ask the user to check their inbox and spam folders.