2FA Removal

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Use this when a request to disable 2FA on GitLab.com is received.


Two-factor Authentication (2FA) can only be removed from a GitLab.com account under the following circumstances:

User has a valid SSH key:

Users can generate new recovery codes using SSH, if they've previously added SSH public keys to their profile. The new recovery codes can then be used at sign in. This option is presented to users in the Zendesk macro. If they cannot use this method then move on to the manual methods below.

ssh git@gitlab.com 2fa_recovery_codes

User has recovery codes

Users can try and login using their saved two-factor recovery codes.

User can provide evidence of account ownership:

If a user has lost their account recovery codes and has no SSH key registered, proving they own the account can be difficult. In these cases, please use the Risk Factor Worksheet .

Note: as of Aug 2018 GitLab is no longer accepting government issued ID as proof of account ownership

  1. Apply the "Account::2FA Removal Verification - GitLab.com" Macro
  2. Mark the ticket as "Pending"
If the user is unable to remove 2FA using the above methods and responds with the need for further verification
  1. Verify the originating email is the same as is on the account.

  2. With a manager or Senior Support Agent, determine the data classification level for the account in question.
  3. Select an apporpriate number of challenges from the Risk Factor Worksheet .

  4. Have the user go through the selected challenges and fill the worksheet to assess the risk

  5. If the user is able to pass all challenges:
    1. As an internal note, list the data classification and risk score
    2. Disable 2FA: log into your admin account and locate the username in the users table or by going to https://gitlab.com/admin/users/usernamegoeshere
    3. Under the account tab, disable 2FA.
    4. Mark the ticket as "Solved"
  6. If the user is unable to pass the selected challenges:
    1. Inform them that without verification we will not be able to reset 2FA.
    2. Mark the ticket as "Solved"
User responds with repository verification
  1. Verify the file uploaded
    • File contains the provided text string.
    • File has been uploaded to a "Personal Repository"
  2. Apply an "Internal Comment" with a link to the commit (if not already included)
  3. Apply the ID matches, use the Account::2FA Removal Verification - GitLab.com - Successful Macro
Failed to verify
  1. Apply the Account::2FA Removal Verification - GitLab.com - Failed Macro


GitLab Team Members 2FA Removal

If the user is a GitLab employee, follow the below process:

  1. Perform steps for SSH key and recovery codes, if possible.

  2. Confirm authenticity of the request by contacting the employee via phone or video call.