Handling Misdirects from Security

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Occasionally, users will reach out to security [at] gitlab [dot] com with questions that may be better addressed by Support (e.g., help resizing a repository in response to a mass notification).

  1. Open the ticket in ZenDesk. These are identified as having Kwang as the ticket requestor.
  2. Depending on the content of the forward, you can usually change the requestor from Kwang to the user. Sometimes, it's preferable to create a new ticket. In either case, proceed as if it's a regular ticket from a user.
  3. Often, these tickets will lack the name and email address of the user. You can usually find the original email by searching in the #security-alert-manual channel (everything emailed to security [at] is also shared there). Should that search turn up short, feel free to reach out to the individual who forwarded the ticket for this information.