Finding Tickets

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Tips to find important tickets

Zendesk is an expansive tool and it can be easy to lose track of important tickets. Use these tips to learn how to easily find tickets assigned to you.

View your assigned tickets

A good place to view all tickets, including Open, Pending, Solved, and On-Hold, is your user profile. Click your avatar in the top right corner and then choose 'View profile' at the top of the dropdown.

On the profile page you will see all your tickets. Open tickets are shown first, followed by Pending, On-Hold, Solved, and Closed. This is a quick way to see the most recent Open and Pending tickets.

Zendesk profile page

View open tickets and SLA badge

One important piece of information the profile page does not show is the SLA badge. It's often important to check the SLA for open tickets to ensure we respond within a reasonable amount of time.

To view your assigned tickets plus the SLA badge, go to the 'Open Support Tickets' view, then look for the tickets grouped by your name. Watch for tickets that are nearing breach or actually breaching and respond to those first.

Zendesk Open Support Tickets

View your On-Hold tickets

Tickets are placed On-Hold if they are awaiting a response from GitLab. For example, maybe it's a feature request waiting to be scheduled. We don't need to respond to these within the 24 hour response time but it's still important to go through them periodically and ensure we're making progress.

To view your On-Hold tickets, go to the 'My On-Hold Tickets' view.

Zendesk My On-Hold Tickets

View all tickets Pending/On-Hold < 7 days

In addition to viewing your own tickets On-Hold, it may be beneficial to look at all tickets that have been On-Hold or Pending for more than 7 days.

In the case of Pending tickets, an agent may need to follow up and close the ticket or send the customer another message asking if they still need help. For On-Hold tickets, we need to ensure someone is periodically updating the customer on the status of their request.

To view these tickets, go to 'On-Hold > 7 Days' or 'Pending > 7 Days'.

Zendesk 7 day tickets