Twitter Mentions

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Apply this workflow when managing a large number of Twitter mentions, please also ensure you've reviewed the handbook section on the support Twitter policies.


The definition of a Twitter mention in this context is a Tweet that doesn't ask a question or provide feedback, but simply makes a statement or is an automatic blog post or retweet.

Examples of Twitter mentions

Workflow 1 - One mention at a time
  1. Select the "@gitlab Tweets" view in ZenDesk
  2. Click the "Play" button in the top right hand corner
  3. When encountering a mention apply the "Twitter::Mention" Macro
  4. Click "Sumbit as Solved"
Workflow 1 - All the mentions
  1. Select the "@gitlab Tweets" view in ZenDesk
  2. Hover over the Tweets contained in the view
  3. When you identify a mention, click the checkbox next to the ticket. Select as many tweets as you want
  4. Click the "Edit X ticket(s)" button in the top right hand corner, a new popup will open
  5. Select "Apply macro" and apply the "Twitter::Mention" Macro.
  6. Click "Sumbit as Solved"


Using the Twitter::Mention ensures that a new response or comment by another user doesn't re-open the ticket.