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Zendesk Overview

Zendesk Overview


All apps can be found on the left-hand nav bar when you view a ticket. The apps order can be changed if needed.

Business Rules



Organizations are collections of your users (both customers and Zendesk agents). Users can belong to multiple organizations, up to 300. Organizations help us keep track of what our customers are requesting. We can also enable users within an organization to see each other’s tickets.


We use Zendesk Macros as a tool to help support common workflows and allow us to support our customers faster. It's important to find a balance of when and where to use a macro. Read more about how we use macros at GitLab in our Macros page


We currently have 3 reporting tools available:

Support Operations

Ticket Fields

Ticket fields are used to gather more information about the support issue. They can be either: Editable by agents only, editable by end-users and agents, and required by end-users.

Most of our ticket fields are filled out by the customer before submitting an issue, however when we receive tickets through email or when the ticket fields are not required, we need to fill out fields manually before solving them.

The system ticket fields are:

Our custom ticket fields are:

Ticket Forms

A ticket form is a set of predefined ticket fields for a specific support request. The ticket form determines the fields and data a ticket contains. We have different forms:


Views help us organize tickets by grouping them into lists based on certain criteria. We have 12 shared views:

Agents and administrators can create their own personal views (up to 8).

Zendesk Instances

Read more about our Zendesk Instances in this handbook page.

Zendesk Administrator

Zendesk Admin Handbook page