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Zendesk Admin


Provisioning / Removing Licenses in Zendesk

To add or remove "full" agents from our Zendesk account, contact Zendesk support through the email address contained in the Support vault on 1Password titled "Zendesk Account Manager". This makes sure that the request is routed more quickly than if it is just sent in via their generic support address. Since we are on an annual contract, changes typically require a purchase order to be signed by the VP of Engineering, but the change request can be initiated by any current "full" agent.

Agents and Custom Roles

You can find more information about gaining access to Zendesk as a full or light agent in the Internal Support for GitLab Team Members page.

The above process is only applicable for members who are not part of the Support Team. For Support Agents/Engineers/Managers, access is requested as part of on-boarding and it would be tracked on the associated on-boarding issues.


Setting up a shared organization for end-users

In Zendesk, we have the option of allowing all of the members of an organization to have a 'shared organization', where everyone can see each other's tickets. This doesn't mean all members of the organization will be CC'd in all tickets, it means that they can see all tickets linked to their organization when they login to the GitLab Support Help Center.

You can also grant this privilege to selected people (ie. managers/administrators), so that only they can see all tickets linked to their organization.

Both these options need to be toggled on for each organization on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to know whether an organization has this feature toggled on, you can go to the Organization Zendesk Page and find the 'Users' section on the left hand panel. It should say whether the organization has Can view all org tickets or Can view own tickets only. You can read more about setting up a shared organization in the Creating, managing, and using organizations Zendesk page.

Business Rules and Macros

Service Level Agreements

Within Zendesk, Service Level Agreements (SLA) policies are defined under Business Rules in the Admin console.

Currently we have 8 different SLA policies, and each of those with 4 different Targets which are set depending on the priority of the ticket which can be Urgent, High, Normal, or Low.

At this stage, we have SLAs defined for First Reply Time (FRT) and Next Reply Time (NRT), all of them in Business Hours except for Emergencies, which are set in Calendar Hours. You can find more information about our Service Level Agreements in our Support Page.


API Tokens

Requesting a Zendesk API Token

If you need to request a Zendesk API Token, you can do so by submitting an API Token Request Issue (look for 'API Token Request' in the Dropdown list next to Title) with the title Zendesk API Token Request. This help us keep track of who has access to the token and manage token expiration and replacement.