# Zendesk Sandbox ## Sandbox URL: * [Agent Page](https://gitlab1545832369.zendesk.com/agent/) * [Support Portal Page](https://gitlab1545832369.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) ## How to Login: Sandbox is not a production instance so it is not configured with Okta. You can ask the @support-ops team to create your Sandbox Login and specify the role required to test. Once you get the email, go to the Sandbox URL > Sign In > Click on the Forgot my password option to reset your password. ## What is Sandbox? Sandbox is a development instance to test or learn every change in Zendesk before being deployed to the production instance. GitLab is using Sandbox for Support instances only. ## What does Sandbox include? By default, Sandbox only matches the following setting from production to ensure it is as close to the current production instance as possible. - Templates (standard emails, welcome emails, etc.) - Branding (colors, account names, etc.) - Settings (channels, agent permissions, etc.) - Customer lists - Add-ons Any changes made in the sandbox are not copied to the production instance. Once changes are made in Sandbox, they must be reproduced manually in the production instance. Following configurations are present in Sandbox to match Production instance but they are not guaranteed to by real-time synced: - Triggers - Automations - Forms and Conditions - Ticket fields and Conditional fields - Views We don't recommend using customer information in Zendesk Sandbox. ## How to use Sandbox? First, please make sure of the URL when testing as Sandbox UI is almost identical to Production UI. Using Sandbox feels exactly like using a Production instance so there is no learning curve. Note: Sandbox instances can be wiped completely and it will be informed via support team chat channel and SWIR 7 days ahead.