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The GitLab Tax Team

Keep calm and love taxes!

International Expansion

GitLab is scaling fast and therefore its international expansion efforts need support from a dedicated team with multidisciplinary background: Tax, People Ops, Payroll, Legal and Finance. Challenges in connection with international expansion include (but are not limited to)

  1. Analysis on economic impact for GitLab
  2. Analysis on legal exposore (Data, IP, Labor)
  3. Analysis on tax exposure (PE risk, Employment tax)
  4. Analysis on accounting impact (FAS5, FIN48)

As the Tax Team is responsible for managing our corporate structure (e.g. entity incorporations) and is connected with all stakeholders, GitLab’s international expansion has been put under the direction of the tax function.


  1. Recruiting - First stage of the hiring process
  2. Compensation - Agree on compensation with candidate
  3. Legal Analysis - Legal performs Risk Analysis
  4. Tax Analysis - Tax performs Risk Analysis
  5. PEO quotation - Once the number of contractors hits four contractors a quote will be requested at a PEO (to prevent hiring stop at 5 contractors)
  6. Entity Creation - Transform PEO into entity in case of substantial cost savings
  7. Business case - Business case for entity creation presented to management and approved
  8. Payroll - Payroll ensures payment to contractors / PEO’s
  9. Compliance - Tax responsible for compliance in countries


The RADCIE Model below is drafted according to the procedure.

Procedure Tax People Ops Accounting Legal Payroll Everyone
Recruiting R/ A R       I
Compensation A R     R I
Legal A     R   I
Tax R/A C   C   I
PEO Quotation R/A     C C I
Entity Creation R/A A C C A I
Business case R/A C       I
Payroll A C   A R I
Compliance R/A C C C C I


  1. Director of Tax (DRI)
  2. International Tax Manager
  3. Manager People Ops
  4. Sr. Manager Global Payroll
  5. Paralegal

Performance Indicator

Read more about our KPI for international expansion.