Meet the Team

  • Julie Samson - Total Rewards Analyst
  • Morgan Wilkins - Manager, Compensation
  • Raisha Kole - Senior Benefits Program Manager
  • Sandra Choi - Global Compensation Partner
  • Franz Rivera - Senior Compensation Analyst
For feedback or questions relating to compensation, benefits and equity, you can reach out to us via:

Total Rewards Calendar

Throughout the year, the total rewards team will need action from leadership and individual contributors. Below is a summary of the major events that will be coming up and affect everyone at GitLab. For more detailed information on the issues the total rewards team is working on, please see the total rewards issue tracker.
Summary of Events for FY 2023:
Month Events
Q1 FY 2023 Finalize Annual Compensation Review & Q1 Promotions for Managers to Communicate to their direct reports using the Total Rewards Statements
Q2 FY 2023 Long Range Budget Planning in Parternship with Finance to review benefits offerings for FY 2024, Finalize Q2 Promotion Cycle, June Exchange Rate Review
Q3 FY 2023 Finalize Q3 Promotion Cycle. Benefits Renewal Process for US Benefits begins.
Q4 FY 2023 Annual Compensation Review Process. Talent Assessments in November, Market Analysis in December by Total Rewards, Manager Review cycle in January for a 2023-02-01 effective date.