Meet the Team

  • Brittany Rohde - Director, Total Rewards
  • Julie Samson - Total Rewards Analyst
  • Morgan Wilkins - Senior Total Rewards Analyst
  • Raisha Kole - Senior Benefits Program Manager
  • Shiloh Barry - Total Rewards Coordinator
For feedback or questions relating to compensation, benefits and equity, you can reach out to us via:

Total Rewards Calendar

Throughout the year, the total rewards team will need action from leadership and individual contributors. Below is a summary of the major events that will be coming up and affect everyone at GitLab. For more detailed information on the issues the total rewards team is working on, please see the total rewards issue tracker.
Summary of Events for FY 2022:
Month Events
2021-02 Audit FY 2022 Annual Compensation Review
2021-02 Upload Total Rewards Statements for Managers to communicate FY22 increases to direct reports
2021-03 Exchange Rate Fluctuations effective 2021-03-01
2020-04 Benefits Review for Belgium, [UK](, and US 401(k)
2021-05 Benefits Review for Germany & Canada
2021-06 Benefits Survey Released FY21
2021-06 June 1 Currency Conversion & Exchange Rate Fluctuations Review
2021-07 Benefits Survey Results FY21 Analyzed and added to Handbook
2021-08 Targeted Mid-Year Increase Review
2021-09 TBD
2021-10 TBD
2021-11 Performance Factor Reviews
2021-12 Annual Comp Review Inputs Evaluated/Proposed to Compensation Group for FY22
2021-12 Division and Department Impact Analysis shared with People Business Partner Team
2022-01 Annual Comp Review changes finalized for 2022-02-01 effective date
2022-01 Manager Review (Compaas)