UX Designer Onboarding

Awesome! You're about to become a GitLab UX Designer! Make sure you've checked out our handbook beforehand, so you get a feeling of how we work at GitLab. Below you'll find everything you need to start designing. If something is missing, add it (as goes with everything at GitLab)!

On this page

GitLab Instances

We have two main GitLab instances, as explained in the general onboarding.

Getting started with designing for GitLab

To start designing, follow the instructions for the GitLab Design Kit.

Design tools

Every UX designer gets a license to Pixelmator and Sketch

Previously we used Antetype and have switched to Sketch.

Old Antetype design files are still be valuable. If necessary, see: Converting antetype files for use with sketch

When in need of different tools like CC Photoshop and/or CC Illustrator, request those by filing an issue on our internal issue tracker.

Other tools can include, but are not limited to: Framer, Origami by Facebook, Principal for Mac, and HTML/CSS/JS prototyping.


As Design can be subjective, discussion can heat up. Always try to be direct, but kind. Try to give your best reasoning for your choices and evaluate everyone their opinions. Try to come up with a solution instead of discussing endlessly. If you think additional perspective is needed mention a fellow UX designer in the issue.