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Data Engineer (S&M)

Department: Business Operations

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Data Engineers are essentially software engineers who have a particular focus on data movement and orchestration. 

Maintain our data warehouse with timely and quality data
Build and maintain data pipelines from internal databases and SaaS applications
Create and maintain architecture and systems documentation
Implement the DataOps philosophy in everything you do
Plan and execute system expansion as needed to support the company's growth and analytic needs
Collaborate with Data Analysts to drive efficiencies for their work
Collaborate with other functions to ensure data needs are addressed
This position reports to the Manager, Data

2+ years hands-on experience in a data analytics or data warehousing role
Demonstrably deep understanding of SQL and analytical data warehouses (Snowflake preferred)
Experience with a high growth company using on-premise tools and on-demand (SaaS) transactional systems
Hands-on experience with Python, SQL, and ETL tools like Talend/Kettle, Boomi, Informatica Cloud, etc. Experience with Snowflake is a plus
Hands-on experience with data pipeline tools within cloud-based environments (Airflow, Luigi, Azkaban, dbt)
Be Passionate about data, analytics, and automation.
Experience with open source data warehouse tools
Strong data modeling skills and familiarity with the Kimball methodology.
Experience with Salesforce, Zuora, Zendesk and Marketo as data sources and consuming data from SaaS application APIs.
Share and work in accordance with our values
Constantly improve product quality, security, and performance
Write good code, performant code (Python preferred)
Knowledge of and experience with data-related Python packages
Desire to continually keep up with advancements in data engineering practices
Catch bugs and style issues in code reviews
Ship small features independently



  • Focus on end-to-end systems and processes across the data stack
  • Drive efficiency optimizations at the extract, load, transform, and reporting layers data infrastructure


  • Proactively identify and address Data Analyst pain points and processes by creating better tooling and documentation
  • Evangelize the data team's output to other functions
  • Drive efficiencies around the transform and reporting layers of the data infrastructure
  • Oversee coverage rotations
  • Manage the Data Analyst Intern program


Hiring Process

Candidates for this position can expect the hiring process to follow the order below. Please keep in mind that candidates can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. To learn more about someone who may be conducting the interview, find her/his job title on our team page.

  • Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with our Global Recruiters
  • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a first interview with our Manager, Data & Analytics
  • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a second interview with a Data Engineer on the Data & Analytics team
  • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a third interview with members of the Meltano team
  • Finally, candidates may be asked to interview with our CEO

Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.


To view the full job description and its compensation calculator, view our handbook. The compensation calculator can be found towards the bottom of the page.


Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.