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Director of Product, Growth

Department: Product Management

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As the Director of Product, you will be responsible for managing and building the team that focuses on the product growth of GitLab. The Director of Product, Growth leads the Growth teams and reports to the Head of Product.
Specifically, the Growth department at GitLab is responsible for the following growth areas:
  1. Activation
  2. Adoption
  3. Upsell
  4. Retention

Additionally, the Growth director is responsible for the product management functions of Telemetry and Fulfillment, which are areas focused on product usage data and licensing/billing, respectively.

We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.

We recommend looking at our company page and the product handbook to get started.

Individual responsibility

  • Make sure you have a great product team (recruit and hire, sense of progress, promote proactively, identify underperformance)
  • Work on the growth vision and success metrics with the Head of Product, and CEO; and communicate this vision internally and externally
  • Distill the growth vision into a compelling roadmap, with the overall goal of growing GitLab usage
  • Make sure the growth success metrics are advanced over time and communicate this
  • Communicate product growth though regular updates to the executive team
  • Work closely with Product Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

Team responsibility

  • Drive product growth in the four areas mentioned above
  • Ensure product growth baselines are set and understood
  • Rapidly execute controlled growth experiments by working with engineering to increase product usage
  • Work with customers, users, and other teams to make feature proposals enticing, actionable, and small
  • Keep /direction up to date as our high level roadmap and vision for GitLab product growth
  • Regularly join customer and partner visits that can lead to new features and understanding on the user journey through the application
  • Ensure that we understand why users are leaving the application and translate these reasons into features that can be added to make the experience easier and more seamless
  • Make sure the release announcements are attractive and cover everything
  • Be present on social media (hacker news, twitter, stack overflow, mailing list), especially around releases


  • 3-5 years experience in managing product managers
  • 8-10 years of experience in product management
  • Technical background and clear understanding of developer products; familiarity with Git, Continuous Integration, and Project Management software a plus
  • Experience with DevOps and/or developer tooling
  • Experience with hiring and scaling product management teams
  • Demonstrated results of scaling a software application using product growth principles
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values
  • Leadership at GitLab

Hiring Process

  • Candidates will be invited to a 30 minute screening call with a member of our Recruiting team
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Product Managers
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Directors of Product
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Directors of Engineering
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with the Head of Product
  • Candidates may then be invited to a 2-hour deep-dive session
  • Candidates may be invited to a final 50 minute interview with our CEO