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Group Manager, Product (Secure)

Department: Product Management

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This position is remote based.
We're looking for a Group Manager, Product that can help us work on the future of security tools. Specifically, building out our lovable support for the complete DevOps lifecycle in our Secure stage which includes static analysis, dynamic analysis, and software composition analysis.
We believe our users deserve an intuitive, single application that covers the entire DevOps lifecycle. We believe running tests is just the beginning of automation. We believe deploying and monitoring your code should be automated and repeatable, and most of all, easy. We believe in pushing the boundaries of best-practices, and bringing these to every user, so that doing the right thing is also the easy, default way of working.
We know there are a million things we can and want to improve about GitLab's support for security best practices and security tools. It'll be your job to work out what we are going to do and how.
We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.
We recommend looking at our company page and the product handbook to get started. 


As the Group Manager, Product, you will be responsible for managing and building a team that focuses on a subset of GitLab's product categories. This role typically manages 2-6 Product Managers, and reports to the Director of Product - Secure & Defend.  

Individual responsibility

  • Make sure you have a great product team (recruit and hire, sense of progress, promote proactively, identify underperformance)
  • Work on the vision with the Director of Product, VP of Product Strategy, VP of Product, and CEO; and communicate this vision internally and externally
  • Distill the overall vision into a compelling roadmap
  • Make sure the vision advances in every release and communicate this
  • Communicate our vision though demos, conference speaking, blogging, and interviews
  • Work closely with Product Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

Team responsibility

  • Ensure that the next milestone contains the most relevant items to customers, users, and us
  • Work with customers, users, and other teams to make feature proposals enticing, actionable, and small
  • Make sure the DevOps tools are up to date
  • Keep/ direction up to date as our high level roadmap
  • Regularly join customer and partner visits that can lead to new features
  • Ensure that we translate user demands to features that make them happy but keep the product UI clean and the codebase maintainable
  • Make sure the release announcements are attractive and cover everything
  • Be present on social media (hacker news, twitter, stack overflow, mailing list), especially around releases 

You are not (solely) responsible for:

  • A team of engineers: you will take the lead in decisions about the product, but not manage the people implementing it
  • Capacity planning: you will define priorities, but the Engineering Manager evaluates the amount of work possible
  • Shipping in time: you will work in a group, but the group is responsible for shipping in time, not you


  • 1-3 years experience managing others
  • 4-6 years of experience in product management
  • Experience hiring teams in high growth companies
  • Experience in DevOps
  • Experience with solutions from the product category or DevOps stage you will be responsible for
  • Knowledge of the security tool space
  • Technical background or clear understanding of DevOps and cloud-native application architectures, deployment and operations
  • Additional requirements are outlined in the Product Management Career Development Framework
  • You are living wherever you want and are excited about the all remote lifestyle
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values
  • Highly independent and pragmatic
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • Bonus points: Significant experience building scalable security tools
  • Bonus points: experience with GitLab
  • Bonus points: experience in working with open source projects 

Hiring Process

The compensation calculator for this role can be found here.