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Senior Security Engineer, Abuse

Department: Security

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This position is remote based.

The Security Team is responsible for the internal security of GitLab, services, and actively contributes to the security of the open-source and enterprise editions of the GitLab product.  Security Engineers engage with partner teams across GitLab to solve common goals and encourage good security practices.

Abuse Engineers are the builders of the Anti-Abuse world. They develop the tools needed to monitor, mitigate and report on abusive behavior and are an essential part of our goal to be good internet citizens. 

A successful candidate is someone who wants to make the internet a safer place and do the right thing because it’s right. 

Your daily duties will include building tooling and automation for curbing abuse, assist with incident response, as well as contributing to strategic improvements to the GitLab products and services.


Initiatives for this specialty include:

  • Three main abuse types:
    • Continuous Integration
    • Content
    • Spam
  • DMCA Notice and Counter-Notices (
  • Mitigation of abusive/non-responsive customers
  • Verifying the proper classification of abuse reports
  • Escalating to stakeholders while continuing to monitor
  • Monitoring logs and queues for trends
  • Research and prevention trending abuse methodologies


  • 3+ years of demonstrated experience in a developer role
  • 2+ years experience in Anti-Abuse processes or mitigation
  • Broad knowledge of technology, and be passionate about it. Able to discuss and explain popular, internet-based technologies with ease, and present their experience with them. 
  • Development, scripting, or automation experience - A successful candidate is a builder. They dislike repetitive tasks and have a history of automating their daily workflows to make their days more productive. They are comfortable writing in Python, Ruby, or similar scripting languages, while also being able to read and interpret code from other languages.
  • Good communication and documentation skills
  • Knowledge of Linux tools/architecture and logging systems
  • Experience with SQL
  • Nice to Have: Experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS, and/or Azure

The compensation calculator for this job can be found here.