Chief Operating Officer (COO)


The chief operating officer (COO) is responsible for using data to make GitLab's customers more effective.


  1. Software is eating the world.
  2. Every company needs to become an effective software company to survive.
  3. Effective software companies have a short time to value.
  4. GitLab is the only integrated product that can help you reduce time to value.
  5. This will be a long journey and we will partner with our customers to achieve it.
  6. Together devise a plan to improve the time to value and we provide content and services.
  7. Organizes around the world share the best software development practices in GitLab.
  8. GitLab partners with every large organization to reduce time to value.

Customer perspective

Right now every large enterprise is suffering from a lack of consistency:

  1. Not using the same tools
  2. Not using the same integrations
  3. Not using the same configuration
  4. Not using the same work processes
  5. Not being judged on the same metrics

And they have processes the block reducing time to value, for example:

  1. Security reviews that are blocking until approved
  2. Infrastructure that has to be provisioned
  3. Fixed release windows
  4. Production that needs to approve releases
  5. SOX compliance sign offs that need to happen
  6. QA cycles
  7. Separate QA teams
  8. Separate build teams


Use data to communicate the same message to the customer throughout all communication from GitLab as a company and product:


The COO ensures that we that we capturing relevant data, perform analysis, distill insights, and implementing actions based on them.

The analytics effort is cross-functional:

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