Executive Assistant

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A day in the life of…

Every day starts (in PST) with the functional group update and team call. After the team call I catch up on what’s new in Slack and go through my inbox for urgent emails. Checking the calendar for any special meetings or calls etc to see if anything needs some special attention or confirmation. When all the urgent things are handled I go through the meeting requests I’ve gotten in my inbox and make an overview of what meeting could fit in the puzzle that is the calendar and reply with my suggestions. I go through the inbox of the CEO and prioritize what email should get a response that day or what should be dealt with but can wait a little longer.

Since we’re all remote and in different timezones, keeping an eye on Slack can be amusing in our #random channel and I have enough time to step out for lunch or go to the gym at any time that works for me.

In the afternoons I go through my to-do list, make some updates to our handbook and order some items that are needed. Also I check on some marketing material that is being prepared by other partners who we’ve interviewed with and schedule new applicant interviews for their final call with our CEO. I check in with people and partners I haven’t heard from in a while and at the end of the day I take some time to send out swag to a few contributors that are dying to brighten up their laptop with our sticker.