UX Designer

At GitLab, UX Designers collaborate closely with Engineers, UX Research and other Designers to create an intuitive, beautiful, world-class experience.


Junior UX Designer

UX Designer

Senior UX Designer

Staff UX Designer


Tools used by the UX Team are flexible depending on the needs of the work. Please see the UX Designer Onboarding page for more details.


  1. Work on issues tagged with 'UX' on CE and EE. Prioritize issues scheduled for the current milestone.
  2. Once UX work is completed and feedback addressed, unassign yourself and remove the UX label. Add the next workflow label needed for the issue. Typically, this is the Frontend label.
  3. Continue to follow the issue, addressing any additional UX issues that come up.

Also see the basics of GitLab development in the developer onboarding.

Success Criteria

You know you are doing a good job as a UX Designer when:

UX Interview Questions

The UX Interview determines if a UX Designer is a good fit for GitLab. Here are some questions we might ask:

  1. What is your design process?
  2. Similarly, what is your flow from idea to deployment?
  3. What are some existing designs we can see as an example of you work?
  4. When you did x project, what was the biggest problem that you had to solve and how did you solve it?