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Welcome to Learn@GitLab! It's here to provide you a deeper look into GitLab, how it works, and how it might be able to help you. It's organized by the biggest challenges we see folks come to GitLab looking to solve.

Version Control and Collaboration

Control Changes to Product Development Assets, type: video

Manage, Track and Maintain Access, type: video

Foster Collaboration, type: video

Support Numerous Assets, type: video

Enterprise Ready - Authentication, type: video

Enterprise Ready - Project Templates, type: video

Support different system architectures and designs - Microservices architecture, type: video

Merge Request Approval by API, type: demo

Continuous Integration

Leading SCM, CI and Code Review in one application, type: video

Getting started with GitLab, type: video

Ease of CI configuration, type: video

Build and test automation, type: video

Visibility and Collaboration, type: video

Cross-project Pipeline Triggering and Visualization, type: demo

Visibility and Collaboration, type: video

Continuous Delivery

Incremental rollout, type: video


DevSecOps Use Case Overview, type: video

Adding Security to the CICD pipeline, type: video

Managing Security Vulnerabilities with the Security Dashboard, type: video

Dependency Scanning, type: video

Container Scanning, type: video

License Compliance, type: video

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Secret Detection, type: video

Using GitLab Application Security Capabilities with Jenkins, type: video

Dependency Scanning with GitLab and WhiteSource, type: video

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), type: video

Secure Capabilities, type: demo

Secure Capabilities (Short), type: demo

DevSecOps Application Security Capabilities, type: demo

Agile Management

GitLab Agile Project Management 4-min Overview, type: video

SAFe and Agile Planning with GitLab, type: video

Agile Project Management, type: demo

Agile Project Management (Short), type: demo

Agile Project Management with GitLab 10-min Overview, type: video

GitLab-Jira Basic Integration Demo, type: video

GitLab-Jira Development Panel Integration, type: video

Import your Jira project issues to GitLab, type: video

VSM - Intro + Executive Insights, type: video

VSM - Developer Insights, type: video

VSM - Security Insights, type: video

VSM - Operations Insights, type: video

VSM - Productivity Insights, type: video

GitLab Agile Project Management Demo, type: video

How to set up GitLab groups and projects to run multiple Agile teams with microservices, type: video

GitLab VSM - Issue Boards for Mapping, type: video

GitLab VSM - Business Value Monitoring, type: video

GitLab integration with Jira, type: video

Simplify DevOps

GitLab Overview - Planning to Monitoring in 12 mins, type: video

Benefits of a Single App, type: video

GitLab Planning to Monitoring, type: demo

GitLab Overview - Planning to Monitoring in 18 mins, type: video

Auto DevOps, type: demo

Auto DevOps (Short), type: demo

Cloud Native

Create Kubernetes cluster, type: demo

App Modernization with Kubernetes and Serverless, type: demo

Continuous Verification with GitLab and VMware, type: demo

Kubernetes Cluster Management an Monitoring, type: demo

Create and use an EKS cluster using GitLab, type: demo

Container Network Security, type: video


GitOps with GitLab, type: demo

GitOps Process with GitLab, type: video

GitOps Infrastructure with GitLab, type: video

GitOps Applications with GitLab, type: video

Foster Collaboration with GitOps, type: video

DevOps + GitOps + AWS with GitLab, type: video


GitLab for Remote Teams, type: video


GitLab in 3 minutes, type: video

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