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Course Confidentiality
Choosing Between GitLab Self-Managed and Public
Container Host Security - Getting Started with Falco Public
Creating and Deploying a Helm Chart with CI/ CD Public
Customer Success GitLab Demos platform & catalog Public
Deploying GitLab on Kubernetes with Helm Charts Public
Getting Started with GitLab CI/ CD Public
GitLab + DVC for Code and Data Version Control Internal
GitLab 13.0: AWS ECS Auto DevOps Public
GitLab 13.0: Defend Features Update Public
GitLab 13.0: Gitaly and Praefect Public
GitLab 13.0: Terraform Plan View in MR and HTTP Terraform State Backend Public
GitLab CD Deep Dive Public
GitLab CI Deep Dive Public
GitLab Group Hierarchy with SAML and SSO Public
GitLab Runners Internal
GitLab Server Migration Playbook Internal
GitLab's GraphQL API Public
GitOps using GitLab Terraform and Terratag Public
Implementing DataOps with GitLab  
Incident Management Public
Integrate and Analyze Usage Data in Gainsight Internal
Peeling Back the Layers of AutoDevOps Public
Product Roadmap Update Public
Reporting Options/ Metrics with GitLab Internal
Tracking Value with GitLab DORA4 Metrics Public
AutoDevOps with and without Kubernetes Internal
Helping Customers Use GitLab for Deployment Public
How to Troubleshoot Clusters using Kubectl Internal
The Rules Behind GitLab CI Rules Internal
GitLab Geo Overview Public
GitLab Load Testing Tool Overview Public
Defend: Container Security Overview Internal
Identity Management: A Crash Course Internal
GitLab 13.2 Technical Showcase Public
GitOps with Fluxcd Overview Internal
GitLab 13.2 Fail Fast Feature Overview Public
Security Persona Demo Internal
GitLab Secure Stage Update Public
GitLab Monitor Stage Update Internal
Implementing DataOps with GitLab Public
Google Anthos and GitLab Integration Overview Internal
Delivering the Enterprise DevOps Platform Deck Internal


Course Confidentiality
Get started with GitLab tutorials Public
Speaker Training Internal
Media Training Internal
Technical Writing Fundamentals Public
DevOps Technology Landscape Internal
Our Portfolio (includes a DevSecOps Overview) Internal
Command of the Message (CoM) Internal
Building Success Plans for TAMs Internal
Executive Business Reviews for TAMs Internal
FY22 Billing & Subscription Management Internal
Gather Technical Requirements through Discovery Calls Internal
Account Planning in Gainsight for SAs Limited Access
Account Planning Methodology Internal
Account Planning in Gainsight for SALs Internal
GitLab 101 Public
GitLab 201 Public
GitLab Learn Lab: Hands-on with GitLab Continuous Integration Public
Remote Foundations Badge Public
DIB Certification Public
Bias towards Async Communication Public
Being an Ally Public
Effective Communication Public
GitLab Values Public
Career Development with Sherrod Patching Public
Career Development with Diana Stanley Public
Career Development with Brendan O'Leary Public
Career Development with Christopher Wang Public
Career Development with Brittany Rhode Public
Career Development with Rebecca Spainhower Public
Career Development with Nicolas Dular Public
360 Feedback Process at GitLab Public
Career Development with Darren Murph Public
Career Development with Pattie Egan Public
Building an Individual Growth Plan Public
Giving and Receiving Feedback Public
Giving Feedback Public
Managing Performance Public
Running an effective 1:1 Public
Building high performing teams Public
Getting to know yourself and your team Public
Develop your Rest Ethic Public
Mastering Self-Motivation and Self Advocacy Public
GitLab Women in Leadership Course Public
Mental Health Awareness at GitLab Public
Regulation FD Internal
PTO Training Internal
User Research Public
Jobs to be done Public
Customer Interviewing Public
Opportunity Canvas Public
TT100: Introduction to Technology Internal
TT101: Introduction to GitLab Internal
TT120: GitLab Workshop 1 Internal
TT200: Introduction to Development Internal
TT210: GitLab Create and Plan Internal
TT211: GitLab Verify and Secure Internal
TT220: GitLab Package, Configure, and Release Internal
TT230: GitLab Manage, Monitor, and Protect Internal
TT240: GitLab Workshop 2 Internal
TT300: Advanced Sales Conversations Internal
TT305: AWS and Google Alliances Internal
TT110: Competitive Internal
TT102: The People of Technology Internal
TT310: Demoing GitLab Internal
TT330: Career Builder Internal
SDR100: High Level Overview of Tools Internal
SDR101: Introduction to SalesForce Internal
SDR102: Introduction to Outreach Internal
SDR103: Working Leads Internal
SDR104: Introduction to ZoomInfo Internal
SDR105: Chorus Internal
SDR200: Introduction to LinkedIn Navigator Internal
SDR201: Advanced ZoomInfo Training Internal
SDR202: Drift Web Chat Internal
SDR203: IQMs and Opportunities Internal
GitLab Team Members Certification Internal
Course Confidentiality
GitLab Advanced System Administration Training Public
GitLab Certified Associate Public
GitLab Certified CI/CD Specialist Public
GitLab Certified DevOps Professional Public
GitLab Certified InnerSourcing Specialist Public
GitLab Certified Project Management Specialist Public
GitLab Certified Security Specialist Public
GitLab CI/CD Training Public
GitLab DevOps Fundamentals Public
GitLab for Project Managers Public
GitLab Implementation Engineer Specialist Certification Internal
GitLab InnerSourcing Training Public
GitLab Migration Engineer Specialist Certification Internal
GitLab Security Essentials Public
GitLab System Administration Basic Training Public
GitLab with Git Basics Training Public

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