Support Engineer

The rising popularity of GitLab means that our professional services are in high demand. If you have the skills to help our clients we would love to talk to you.

We are looking for skilled people around the world. If you would love to work from home and help GitLab grow, this is the right spot for you.


More information can be found on the support page in the handbook.


Junior Support Engineers share the same responsibilities outlined above, but typically join with less or alternate experience in one of the key areas of Support Engineering expertise (SysAdmin skills, Ruby on Rails, Git, and customer support). For example, a person with extensive experience in a web framework other than RoR, but with experience on the other three areas would typically join as a Junior.


Senior Support Engineers are more experienced engineers who meet the following criteria:


A Senior Support Engineer will be promoted to Staff Support Engineer when they have demonstrated significant leadership and impact; typically around resolving customer issues. This may involve any type of consistent "above and beyond senior level" performance, for example:

  1. Regularly submitting merge requests for customer reported/requested GitLab bugs and feature proposals
  2. Working across functional groups to deliver on projects relating to customer experience and success.
  3. Writing in-depth documentation and clarifying community communications that share knowledge and radiate GitLab's technical strengths
  4. The ability to create innovative solutions that push GitLab's technical abilities ahead of the curve
  5. Identifying significant projects that result in substantial cost savings or revenue
  6. Proactively defining and solving important architectural issues

As the Support Lead, you will take overall responsibility for making sure that GitLab's customers receive an excellent support experience. This involves leading from within, jumping in on tickets when needed but spending the majority of your time determining and implementing the best strategies to measure and improve team performance, and interface with Sales, Customer Success, Development, and the rest of the GitLab team.

The majority of our current customer base is in the Americas, and the Support Lead will be expected to respond to (or coordinate the team to respond to) sometimes unpredictable customer requests.

The Support Lead is fully capable and excited to step into the role of a Support Engineer when needed.

Additional Responsibilities