Hosted Single-Tenant

Hosted Single-Tenant GitLab Instances

GitLab now runs GitLab Hosted (a.k.a. GitHost) product for existing customers. We are not accepting new customers since we recognize that GitHost does not support all of GitLab's features, leading to a sub-optimal user experience.

GitLab Inc will not continue to build out a hosted product for single-tenant GitLab instances since it is not in line with our stated strategy and sequence and because such a product needs a dedicated and prolonged engineering effort. Instead, we recognize that our strength lies in providing the best possible experience for on-premise (i.e. self-hosted) GitLab instances as well as making (the world's largest multi-tenant instance) highly performant with all the features that GitLab Enterprise Edition offers.

Therefore, if you are interested in a hosted single-tenant GitLab instance - instead of either relying on or hosting your own GitLab instance - we advise you to do so through third party providers such as the ones listed below.

Providers of Hosted (Single-Tenant) GitLab Instances

If you are a provider and wish to have your name and website added to this list, please submit a merge request to this page