GitLab for the Public Sector

Bring the power of Git and CI/CD to your federal, state, and education IT teams.

Unlock great software with GitLab Enterprise Edition

Social coding, continuous integration, and release automation have proven to improve development speed and software quality.

With GitLab’s enterprise-grade source code management, code review, continuous Integration, continuous delivery, and application monitoring tools, you can remove the roadblocks to collaboration and accelerate your development process.

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Git at enterprise scale

Built to support today’s global organizations, GitLab Enterprise Edition scales in terms of users, data, and geographic location. A single server can handle thousands of users and repositories.

Host it your way

GitLab ships in one easy-to-install package that can be hosted on your servers or on the cloud provider of your choice.

Code collaboratively

Create a culture of collaboration where developers can easily contribute ideas through merge request and get feedback through inline commenting and discussions.

Integrate with existing tools

GitLab can easily fit into your existing workflow. It integrates with dozens of external tools, such as Slack, JIRA, Jenkins and many more.

Improve software quality

Add quality control to your development process with automated testing. GitLab’s integrated continuous integration (CI) tool is fast and scalable, allowing your team can test every commit.

Enforce security standards

GitLab Enterprise Edition gives admins more control over user and workflow management. Enforce workflow guidelines and security best practices without disrupting developer productivity.

Accelerate delivery

Automate your deployments to reduce error rates and accelerate delivery. GitLab Enterprise Edition comes with advanced continuous delivery (CD) features to enable your team to test, build, and deploy code.

Take advantage of premium support

Stay focused on your products and let us help you with your onboarding, upgrading, and troubleshooting needs. For teams that are new to Git or Continuous Integration, Premium Support gives you access to training workshops.

Join these public sector organizations and start collaborating on code.

Available on the GSA Schedule and NASA SEWP V.

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