DevSecOps is an expanding practice among software development teams, and for good reason: It improves both efficiency and security while reducing friction during handoff between teams.

In this assessment, we’ve distilled 20 important capabilities needed to make the most of DevSecOps. Once you’ve scored your team on each, you’ll have an idea of whether you’re at an early, intermediate, or advanced level of DevSecOps maturity. Following the assessment, this download also provides an explanation of each category’s importance, as well as a list of actions you can take to improve your score.

What you’ll learn with this assesment:

  • How to evaluate your own DevSecOps practices.
  • Which capabilities you can focus on to improve your DevSecOps.
  • Why it’s important to continue evolving your DevSecOps maturity.

Download the assessment to get started.

Download the assesment