According to Gartner, "Open-source tools are critical to building the DevOps toolchain. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps must build technical and people skills, implement governance policies, determine the need for commercial support, and integrate open-source tools with the rest of the toolchain."

In this report, Gartner outlines best practices for I&O leaders to enable and expedite container deployment in production environments.

What you’ll learn in this Gartner report:

  • How to create an open-source software strategy to reduce technical complexity and streamline the DevOps toolchain
  • Tips for creating an open-source talent pool
  • The process for selecting the right open-source software for your business objectives

Download this Gartner report to learn the four steps to adopting open-source software as part of the DevOps toolchain in your organization.

Gartner, Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain, Manjunath Bhat, Daniel Betts, Christopher Little, 6 February 2019

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