The traditional SDLC tests security at the end of the process—and that’s not a good thing when it comes to reducing risk. In addition to potential risks, agencies face unpredictability in mission timelines and to budgets when vulnerabilities are addressed late in the cycle... or slip through untested.

According to the 2019 GitLab Global Developer Report, 50% of respondents say security vulnerabilities are discovered by the Security team AFTER code is merged. However, when security is part of the end-to-end process, developers can identify and remediate vulnerabilities proactively to accelerate time to delivery and ATO.

What you’ll learn in this brief:

  • Why the traditional SDLC introduces vulnerabilities
  • How to implement a proactive SDLC security strategy
  • How DevSecOps automation accelerates time to ATO

Download the brief to discover how agencies can test and address EVERY piece of code... without adding cost or time to delivery.

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