Advisory Services

Consulting services that maximize your company's investment in GitLab to meet its ambitious goals!

Advisory Services

Advisory services can be helpful to customers who have questions on how to best leverage GitLab to meet their company's ambitious goals related to devops or digital transformation. Engage with GitLab Professional Services to explain what you are trying to solve and we can provide guidance, demonstrations and examples on how to best solve it using GitLab.

Who is this service for?

  • Customers who need technical and/or strategic guidance on how to get the most from their GitLab investment.
  • Customers who have a team that can execute on the guidance provided from the engagement.
  • Customers who are looking to transfer knowledge from GitLab Professional Services Engineers to their team using a delivery workshop.
  • Customers who are investing in other Services that want to add on additional guidance activities.

What's included?

We typically use a 3 step approach when delivering these services for customers:
  1. We hold a Discovery Session where you present the technical problems or strategic approach with which you need guidance.
  2. We asynchronously investigate and iterate on a candidate solution. We may reach back out for clarification and guidance during this iterative process.
  3. We hold a Delivery Workshop where we demonstrate workflows and present other supporting guidance to explain the proposed solution
  4. "We guide you drive support" where we help you pilot some of the recommendations

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