Advisory Services

Learn from the GitLab Experts

Maxmize your investment in GitLab by learning from the experts

The GitLab platform provides an opportunity to transform the way your business operates. But making that transition from your legacy way of working to a more efficient and effective value stream can be challenging. Engage with GitLab experts to solve specific challenges or keep a GitLab Expert on retainer to help guide you on your journey.

GitLab provides the following offerings that differ in commercial structure and methodology.

Advisory Workshop

Advisory workshops focus on a specific workflow, feature, or functional section of GitLab. We learn about your goals and provide an example of how to solve the problem with GitLab.

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Expert Services

For customers who might not know exactly what they need help with at the time of their license purchase/expansion, we can provide guidance on a wide range of topics including best practices, workflows, GitLab implementation, and data migration.

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