Expert Services

Consulting services that maximize your company's investment in GitLab to meet its ambitious goals!

Expert Services

Customers who are transitioning to GitLab or are planning for growth may know they need guidance on their journey. But sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you need help with. The path you're on is emergent - it hasn't been done before in your context. GitLab's expert services offering can give you the flexibility to guidance informed by hundreds of past successful customer engagements.

Who is this service for?

  • Customers who need technical guidance on their journey with GitLab, but might not know specifically what topics yet.
  • Customers who are looking for flexibility in the delivery approach.
  • Customers who are looking to transfer knowledge from GitLab Experts.

What's included?

We can help on a wide range of topics. For smaller engagements, we can only provide guidance. For larger engagements we could be onboarded to your environment to provide hands-on expertise. See the below (non-exhaustive) list of topics of which we we can provide guidance or check out the expert services template statement of work for a more detailed service description.
  1. Guided Journeys
  2. Usage Patterns
  3. Architecture, Integrations and Environment Management
  4. Release Readiness
  5. Scaling your organization and GitLab
  6. Migration Planning and Guidance

Scheduling Approaches

What to expect

After we close on the engagement paperwork, we will schedule time to learn what your top priority efforts are related to GitLab and the timeline you have in mind for delivery. We will identify the first project or set of projects that we will work on with your team. If projects are scheduled without break, we can guarantee resource continuity. If there is a break between projects, there may be a different expert assigned to the new project. We will continue to scope projects until hours are exhausted.

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