Customer Success Services

Accelerate value realization and business outcomes

Customer success services focus on accelerating time-to-value, ensuring ongoing value realization, and delivering business outcomes through the successful adoption of the GitLab platform.


  • Track progress against a customer's goals and/or desired business outcomes
  • Monitor the customer's GitLab usage to ensure they are adopting licenses, use cases, and features to support their business objectives and goals.
  • Recommend best practices and enablement content (e.g., product documentation, best practice guides, webinars) that would help customers adoption and/or operationalize the platform capabilities.
  • Identify adoption issues, delays, or barriers and provide assistance specific to a customer's adoption and goals.
  • Recommend additional features and/or use cases that would bring additional value to the customer (based on available features in the current subscription)
  • Recommendations on product versions or configurations to improve security and performance

Service Delivery

Services will be delivered via a Customer Success Manager (CSM) or digitally.


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