GitLab Education

GitLab Administration Training


Learn how to administer your GitLab instance

This course is great for those wanting to learn more about how to administer their GitLab instance. In this course, we will start by covering the basics of the GitLab application from a system admin perspective, dive into the architecture of the application and discuss advanced topics.

The course covers all required maintenance and backup administrative tasks for managing GitLab, as well as a collection of best practices from our experienced Professional Services Engineers.

  • Delivery: This training can be delivered either remotely or on-site.
  • Class length: 4 hours


  • Installation & High Availability
  • Application Architecture
  • User UI Admin Perspective
  • Admin Panel
  • Configuration
  • Admin CLI & Application Paths
  • Backups
  • Questions

Pre-training Resources

These resources act as prerequisites to the training and will help ensure you have a successful training session with the GitLab team.