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GitLab Education

GitLab for System Administrators Training


The course covers all required installation, configuration, maintenance and backup administrative tasks for setting up and managing a GitLab instance.

Target Audiences

System administrators

What’s Included

  • Live training sessions delivered by a GitLab technical trainer
  • Lecture with demonstrations
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Slides with notes and reference links

Learning Objectives

  • Install GitLab
  • Configure basic settings
  • Add and remove users and adjust settings
  • Configure optional settings and integrations
  • Performing backups, restores, and upgrades
  • Monitor system performance
  • Perform recommended debugging procedures

Course Syllabus

Schedule Topic Overview
9:00 - 10:00a GitLab Overview
  • What is GitLab?
  • Concurrent DevOps
  • GitLab Recommended Process
  • GitLab WorkFlow Components
10:00a - 1:00p Installing GitLab
  • GitLab Installation Steps
  • Installation Commands
  • Login to the Instance
  • Verify Services
  • Installing the Runner
  • What is a GitLab Runner
  • GitLab Runner Installation Steps
  • Installation Commands for Linux
  • Registering a Runner
  • Registering via Docker
  • Verifying a Runner
  • Hands on Lab: Docker Sandbox Lab
  • Hands on Lab: Job Parts
1:00 - 4:30p GitLab System Admin Overview
  • System Admin Panel
  • Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Hands on Lab: Install License Lab
  • Hands on Lab: Register Runner Lab
  • Hands On Lab: Scoped Runner Lab
  • Path Setup
  • Managing User Accounts
  • GitLab CLI Utilities for Reconfiguring
  • Managing Backups
  • Hands on Lab: Backups Lab
  • Hands on Lab: Restore Lab
  • Hands On Lab: Jira Integration
  • Hands On Lab: LDAP Integration
  • Hands On Lab: AWS HA Demo CloudFormation
  • Hands On Lab: Distributed Implementation Lab
Download the syllabus

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

Attendees should already be familiar at a basic knowledge level with the following concepts:

  • What Git is and how to use it

Here are some resources to help you prepare:

System Requirements

Laptop with internet access and git installed, per the requirements specified here.


Private Onsite Course

$5,000 per session for up to 20 attendees per session for standard non-customized live training

Private Course Options

  • Remote for your team: $3000 per day, up to 12 attendees recommended
  • At your site: $5000 per day for up to 20 attendees, plus travel expenses for each instructor
  • At a GitLab-hosted facility: $2,000 plus $5000 per day for up to 20 attendees, plus travel expenses for each instructor


This course can be customized. Pricing will be based on the scope of customization you need.

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