GitLab Certified Associate Self-Service Option

Convenient asynchronous option to validate and showcase your GitLab skills

GitLab Certified Associate Self-Service Option


As of April 2021, this offering provides the GitLab wider community with self-service access to one of the most popular GitLab Technical Certifications - GitLab Certified Associate - through the GitLab Learn site.

What's Included

This certification bundle includes everything needed to complete the GitLab Certified Associate certification requirements:

  • Self-Study eLearning
  • Knowledge Exam
  • Hands-on Exam
  • Access to the GitLab Demo Cloud for hands-on work
  • Project submission and grading
  • Shareable completion badge in the GitLab Learn site
  • Shareable Badgr digital verification of certification status and date

Pricing and Payment

The GitLab Certified Associate certification bundle is priced at USD $650 and includes the following components.

  • Self-Study certification preparation eLearning: USD $150
  • Knowledge Exam: USD $150
  • Hands-On Exam: USD $350

During the enrollment process on GitLab Learn users can use a credit card or discount code as the payment method. Users will then be able to access the bundle.

Next steps

Create an account on GitLab Learn and select the Gitlab Certified Associate Pathway to get started.

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